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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fi Tuck

Well today was Noah's Fi Tuck ( Fire Truck) party! :)  We had a party in the back yard with friends and family and THANKFULLY the rain held off!  YIPPPE :)  Here are a some pics of the day!  I can't believe my Panda Boy will be THREE on Monday!  WOW!

My Panda Boy :)

Dalton and Dakota arriving!  I kept these twin boys as newborns for months at night during fundraising for Noah :)  Have not seen them since Noah came home!  They came to Noah's party today! :)  Was so blessed!

Noah was none to sure about the sand box!  see him watching from distance!  He did finally play some with it, but would NOT get in it! :)  

These girls did NOT have that issue! heehee

He was also wary of CeCe the clown!  LOL  See him all the way over on my lap!  

He is so beautiful :) 

Noah's fi tuck cake! :)

Would NOT blow out candles!  And of course bout the time we started tryin to light candles wind came by!  LOL 

Our fi tuck pup!  translation (Fire Truck Cup!)

Jei Jei begged me to get to be the one to give Noah is first official pet, so she got him MR. FISH! :)  A beautiful blue and red Beta! :)  I will get some better pics of Noah and Mr. Fish tomorow :)

a play airplane!  We have been talking about flying in an airplane to go get baby brother! :)  Noah can say Didi now!  That is baby brother in Chinese :)  He got several gifts that were for things for him to have on airplane and in airports and on trip! :)   PRAYING I come up with good things that will occupy and keep him happy! :)  Long trip for a little guy! :)

I will try and work on some more pics tomorow!  We have over 300 on Celeste's camera and I dont know how many on mine, I think there is a bit of video on mine.  I will probably make a montage :)  

Jeremiah my sweet frogie boy!  Mommy soo had you on her heart and mind today!  I was asked so many times, Do you have a date yet and sadly had to say no! :(  Everyone is soo anxious for you to come home baby boy! :)  Sooo praying that Monday is the day we get news! :)  We are working so hard baby and I can't wait till you are home and I can kiss you and rock you, but until then angel boy, catch my kisses in the wind!


Kat said...

Beautiful pics! How much fun!

Can't wait to see pics of your WHOLE family together :)!!!!

Hole vs. Whole...makes me think...

Praying you get news soon!

lorabelle said...

Happy Birthday sweet Noah!

Looks like you guys had a great party. Cute, Cute cake and lots of fun pictures!

I can hardly believe that he's 3 years old already...

Annie said...

What a fun party! It looks like you all had a great time. I was not so sure about clowns when I was little either! Happy Birthday, Noah!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Glad the rain held out and the "Fi Tuck" party was a blast! He looks so cute with the Fi Tuck CUP and what a great cake!!!

The Family K. said...

Awww... looks like a fun party. Wonderful cake, too! Someone's a talented baker.

It sounds like Noah's speech is really coming along. Way to go!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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The First Picture  we ever saw of:
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