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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!

Well, I started bawling as I typed the title!  I am in shock in some ways that at 9pm tonight Louisiana time it will be Sept 8th at 10 in Taiwan!  TWO YEARS exactly since our Gotcha Day and Time for Noah!  We actually probably did not see him for about 30 minutes after our time to be there but that was the time set.  I am amazed at all the changes in Noah!  Here is us THEN:

Taiwan Time Sept 8, 2008

This is today!  what a funny smile and he has his head goofy lol  He has grown and changed alot. 

and here are our bloopers, though most today seemed to be bloopers :) lol

Noah was 16 and half months on Gotcha Day.  Today he is 3 years and 4 and half months old.  He weighs 32 pounds and is 37 inches tall!  In summer rompers and shorts and things he is wearing 24 months and 2t!  He has long legs so will need 3t for fall with long pants!  The child that did not talk or even babble when we picked him up now talks and talks.   Granted he is still delayed across the board, and his speech is the most delayed but he is talking and trying to say most words, or Noahese anyway!  his version there off.  He is sweet, funny, loving, cuddly, and tries to be helpful MOST of the time. We do still battle sensory and temper problems.  He adores his little brother though definitly gets jealous of ANYONES time with mommy especially.  He doesn't get angry at the one taking my time but at ME!  He is amazing at puzzles, and he can match colors very well.  He can actually match most things, I think that is part of his OCD which he seriously has.  He is a hoot when he realizes something matches.  He is VERY IN TO "tucks" !!  and ANYTHING with wheels in his mind is a TUCK!  one day he was on the floor playing with the Tucks and one happend to be a van and he all of sudden gets all excited, jumps up and RUNS to the glass door and is pointing outside and then at the little van.  Basically it hit him that it was the same as my van!  lol The only things that have a name other than TUCK are choochoo's which he loves and BUS!  also which he will SCREAM when he sees any of hte three!  quite upsetting when you are driving down the interstate!  I am getting used to it now and dont jump quite so high!  LOL  He is a very very picky eater, and there is no rhyme nor reason to what he wants and when an dhow.  one day he is thrilled with something and the next screams if you give him that.  It is quite frustrating.  He all of a sudden LOVES baths and will play all over the tub.  It came out of the blue where one day we screamed still and the next we loved it!  He is very into animals of any kind and BALLS!  He loves the Wiggles, Barney and Elmo!  He will watch veggie tales and likes it while they sing but the rest of the story time he is not so into it right now, but I think it will come.  He is MR. Personality.  We go to doctors offices and things for Jeremiah and Noah prances in ahead of us and waving and saying hi and all the staff is like HI NOAH!  they love him to death!  He is extrememly comfortable at the hospital now after living up ther ewith Jeremiah at first.  We go there for therapy and you would think he is at home :)  He charmed the entire hospital staff when we were staying there.  ESPECIALLY the food service ladies.  One night they started bringing him an icee every night when they delivered trays.  Then a bit later it started being and ICEE and a bag of chips, and then eventually an Icee, bag of chips and an ice cream sandwhich.  LOL  NOW, you know where the 32 lbs came from !  LOL  He is still doing therapy.  He has outgrown early steps and mommy has cried MANY a tear over loosing our amazing therapist of Early Steps.  He now has a teacher from school board that comes for an hour one morning a week and then 30 minutes of speech (this is upsetting to mommy feeling he needs way more) and 30 minutes of adaptive physical education.  Starting at some point this month he will go to the hospital for Occupational Therapy.  I am thrilled that he is going to get to do this and am prayerful it will help with some sensory things and such.  We are doing lap school several mornings a week with mommy and he is soo smart and loves it :)  We are involved in a local playgroup and try to do things with them when they are close enough by we can :)  He is very into the Park lately.  We have a really nice one not too far away but no swings.  We have to drive to another town for that and I am sad about that cuz not as often can we do that.  I am praying to get a swingset soon! :)  He is a very dancy boy and still loves music!  We sing alot! :) 

It amazes me to think that I have had this amazing creature in my life for only 2 years, and yet that it has only been 2 years!  I will FOREVER be grateful to his birthmother and to St. Lucy Center for giving me this amazing child of my heart! For so long I blew him kisses in the wind and now I can kiss and hug and snuggle with him all the time! :)  God is so amazing and Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family! :)  I can't even begin to express how much I love that boy!  As of late I have been asked alot of questions that seem to get my goat. For instance, Are they really brothers!  YES OF COURSE!  oh so they are biologicaly connected. well, no but they are brothers!  So where is there "REAL MOM"?  that one gets me bad, like because I did not birth them from my body I am not real.  Am I fake??  I know wha tthey mean and am not really sure WHY it upsets me so but I try to say something about each of their birth mothers had different situations that led to the boys being free for adoption.  Also things like, "ohh, so you adopted him"  YES, and I am totally blessed to have! :)  As I said Adoption is an amazing thing!  I will leave you with some more random pics of Panda Boy!

Panda Boy!  Mommy loves you more than you will ever know.  I gaze at your face in pictures, as you sleep, as you grin silly at me, even when you are pitching a fit and I so love that face in all its expressions.  I will NEVER be able to thank God enough for giving you to me, my baby boy!  My first son!  I waited soooo long for you.  I had dreamed of a baby for years and years before we even began an adoption journey.  A friend spoke to me at one point and said God told her that I would have the child of my heart!  Little boy, YOU definitly are of my heart!  I could not be more pleased and proud of you.  I worry that I am not a good enough mommy, I worry that I dont get the message across to you how loved and cared about your are.  I PRAY you know somehow and always will.  YOU, Noah WesLee Sisemore are one of the BEST gifts I ever have received!  I LOVE YOU!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Awwwww......sooo sweet- happy Gotcha Day!!!

Who is the Mediocre Mama? said...
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Mel said...

amazing - you guys look great!!! can't believe it's been two years! where does time go?

Ruth said...

Congratulations on two years together. Such amazing changes! Stay happy & strong! Here's to many, many more happy years together :-).

lorabelle said...

Happy two years home Panda Boy!

What a sweet miricle all of his own...

Forever I will remember seeing him standing in his little crib looking at me with those "pick me up" eyes of his... Sometimes it seems like yesterday...

He has grown so much. I love hearing about all the changes and seeing his updates.
Watching him mold into his family has been such a gift.
Thank you for sharing him with me!

Room for More said...

I cannot believe it has been two whole years. I have loved getting to know you and your family these 2+ years!

The Family K. said...

Congratulations on 2 years together. Wow, has he grown. He really sounds like he's doing great. Like Lora, I remember seeing him at SLC. I remember picking him up and telling him Momma would be coming to get him soon. And now look at you guys! I love that shot of the two of you with your faces smooshed together.

Anita said...

Happy Gotcha Day Sisemore Family!! Thanks for your sweet comments Tami on our new son Kaleb. We can't wait to get him home! :) I've got your blog linked now so I can follow along. :)

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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