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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The gift of life

Well, Jeremiah is a bit better after a really hard day yesterday. He crashed several times while on the vent yestetday and had everyone Jumpin. The night was his best yet. He had a few episodes of desat on oxygen and a few coughing spells and need to suction but no crashes! Still on vent support. The big doc just came in and said during the night his breathing would slow waaaaay down and the vent had to do way more. They want him to breathe over the vent and he is some but not during night. Please keep praying he will get safe enough to get off the vent soon

Before I got that above posted he started up with some episodes today. They are not as severe but still has everyone jumping. I now know there is a pink button on the wall that makes All docs nurses RT etc run into the room. He seems a bit stronger to me and one coughing spell really looked like the gagging he does on formula. I am praying so hard they can get him off the vent and that he will be better an better!

Had a wonderful visit with sweet ladies from my cell group! 2 yesterday and one this morning and the childrens pastor has been by several times as have his home health nurse and his therapists. Just had an encouragement and message from God by way of a sweet friend. Yesterday during worship God gave her hubby a vision of Jeremiah and He drew it out. It is of Jeremiah in his hospital crib and angels all around him! I sioo needed to hear that reminder!! It brought tears to my eyes and as I think about it now I am bawling! I can't wait to see the drawing!! So made me feel God saying to me eyes of Faith girl not of flesh! The docs may not understand what is all going on but God does! And He is here!! God ia the giver of life and breath! He is the one who created the air! Life is such a gift and more precious than I think any of us realize! U am thanking God for every second of life for this baby and everyone in my life! I am praying that i can keep my eyes in HIM and Remember GOD IS ABLE!!!

To God be the glory, great things HE has done!!!!!!!! Sending this by the blessing of my phone!!!


Linnea said...

Totally didnt realize any of this was going on. So sorry.

God please heal Jeremiah completely here on earth. Let him do a complete turn around and just be healed and let everyone know it was all you. Please give his family your perfect peace. Hold them up when they have no strength, God. In Jesus name we ask all these things. Amen

HUGS to you and your family.

BE blessed


Our mission said...

Our family will pray for Jeremiah and for your family.I forget the reference but in Job it says "In his hands is the life of all mankind and the breath of every living thing." May He give you His peace that surpasses understanding.
love, the Adamsons

Room for More said...

continuing to pray for your baby!

Regina Sanders said...

I do not know you personally, but my prayers are with you all and little Jeremiah! I read your post and I just melted in tears. You keep praising Him through these storms. He hears you!
Blessings to you and your family!

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