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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday morning vent and update

:( It's been a rough rough night. The nurse (the one I do NOT like from last time) was here last night and she so scares me and i don't trust her. She is different than the other nurses and she turns him with no help to hold the tube so it wiggles and hurts him and gags him and he starts chokin and coughing and desatting . On top of that when he alarms and is coughing and choking on fluid she just looks at him. Everyone else suctions it out if his mouth so he is not chokin and strangling on it. He kept desatting all night cuz she wouldn't help him. This morning his face was filthy from all that had drained on it that should have been suctioned. She acts like she does not even want me in the room much less to touch him. I just don't think she wants what is best for him at all :( and I am literally scared when she is his nurse.

I keep telling myself to be content in all things and have tried so hard and have been extra kind to her and tried to help even, which she doesn't want me to do anything with him, even touch him. I have tried to make friends thinking that will help but not helping. Was so hoping he would be off the vent tonight so it won't be as big a deal.

Different doctor came in. Dr. Scott. He is not getting off vent today. Another test tonight. If he can stay on pressure support 5 and 5 with no apnea episodes then maybe tomorow try to get him off the vent. I am gonna ask for a different nurse but am scared. When you complain alot of times they are mad and the care is worse.

I soo just want my baby breathing on his own and in my arms!!

Tears seem to flow so much lately but I have to hold onto GOD IS ABLE

To God be the glory, great things HE has done!!!!!!!! Sending this by the blessing of my phone!!!


Shannon said...

Oh Tami!!!! We had to confront a nurse when Georgia was in the was so hard for me! I am praying for you! You have EVERY right to ask for a different nurse, your reasons are valid, she is there to serve not only with competence but with care for you and Jeremiah...I have no doubt that you will be loving in the midst of needing to be firm.
Sending you big hugs and prayers,

Dunns said...

I think you need to switch nurses immediately. Be kind to someone that doesn't care will not get him proper care. Him receiving proper care is more important what those nurses think or their feelings get hurt. It's time to turn on your mama bear button. I think you've been too patience with this one nurse. I hate hearing about nurses like this, I don't get why their nurses in the first place! Good luck, sending prayers your way:)

Jesse, James and Lindsey's mom said...

I am a nurse and you have the right to refuse this nurse. THey HAVE to do what you wish. If they dont call the shift supervisor and tell them your concerns. They cant help and make a change if you dont say anything. If she is Miah's nurse tonight go to the charge nurse and let her know you want a new one.

lorabelle said...

Please ask to see the Charge Nurse ASAP and tell her everything you just posted. Give her examples and explain the differences between this nurse and the others. Tell her that you want this nurse written up and that you do not want her near your son again. The charge nurse needs to know this ASAP.
I'm so sorry you have to go through this... Sending hugs to you guys!!!

Linnea said...

I dont stand up for myself or kids as much as I should if at all but have been trying more. You can do this, respectfully tell someone in charge.

Be blessed


Denise said...

Get rid of that nurse!When Jax was in hospital getting his trach!He had a horrible nurse..refused to help turn him,change diaper,suction and many other things.He would not even come in his room.My husband Exploded and complained.Right away this nurse did no longer take care of Jax and we were much better.He is your child and if you feel he is not getting the care he deserves.I would definately say something.He is your child you are his voice.Go mamma bear!

Jill said...

Praying for you Tami. :( Please ask for a new nurse. I almost complained about a nurse, but it ended being a one-time incident. Then, there was another nurse in the ICU that made me change her and take care of her while she played on the internet. Jili was getting out of there, so I knew that I would never have to see her again. In your case, you have a right and it doesn't matter what she thinks. You can explain how others have acted so right towards him, to show others that you do appreciate what that have done. Poor baby. You have to do right by him. I totally understand your fears, and no parent should have to endure dealing with a mean nurse on top of dealing with the matter at hand: your baby. I will be praying that you will have the strength to say what you need to say, to get what you need accomplish. Ask God to separate your fears and give you the voice and words to speak out without feeling overwhelmed by that situation, so you can devote every once of positive energy to his recovery. A very wise friend told me to channel out all of the negativity in the room (doctors, nurses, etc.) and fill it with only positive energy, when Jili was in the hospital. I totally understand those feelings. With Love and Prayers,
Jill :)

Dawn said...

Tami, Perhaps have some one else with you a girlfriend or some one when you talk to them about this nurse...She does not care about Jeremiah. Her actions are neglect.Long line of nurses in my family. Some have a God complex...her actions are causing problems with his health.. and ability to get well. She could have the opinion she knows what is best for him... but God has put life in this boy! KEEP HER AWAY FROM HIM!!!

rachael said...

get a new nurse my mom had to when I was younger good bless

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAYING that sounds like a very difficult situation. PRAYING!!!!

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