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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nesting Fun! :)

Well, I am officially nesting to the maximum degree!  :)  lol  Things I have wanted done for the longest time I am now doing and asking others to get a move on with :)  Celeste said she wanted to put Jeremiah's name on the wall :)  Before we painted the nursery before Noah came , she put tape on the wall in shape of Noah's name and then after the walls dried we pulled it off and  so Noah's name is on the wall in white!  I am sure some of you remember.  So we have been debating how we would do Jeremiah's now that the walls are dark blue!  So Celeste picked out some green paint and made painter's tape stencils to put Jeremiah's name on the wall in a kinda artsy way!  So here are some pics from that :)

Celeste painting :)
After it dried this is pulling painters tape down.
Last of tape coming off!
There you have it folks! :)

Noah snitching Jei Jei's hat!
What , me???

Look at that grin :)

Check out how he fell asleep hanging OVER the chair side! LOL  Had to get a picture before I moved him for fear he would fall out!

We were blessed with a new crib for Jeremiah! We have not had a chance to put it together till tonight so we did so :)

It was quite an adventure putting it togeter! :)  one hole was not drilled right and we had to figure out how to get it right with no drill ourselves!  The new cribs to me are strange compared to old cribs.  LOL 

Noah playing while we worked on crib!  see the cars!  he lines things up ALOT! 

another shot of my boy playing! :)

its all in together!  YIPPEE :)

a frogie bed! :)

That laying over the side rail is a wall haging that will be going up!  I will get more pics as the room progresses.  We have frog items for wall, shelves, etc. and stuff frogs galore!  I need a pet net and such.  some things will have to wait till we are home, some we can do now :)

Celeste took this picture unbeknownst to me, but it to me says waiting!  I am looking into his empy bed thinking about him a world away!  My friend Scott who got his ruling right around the time we did is in TAIWIAN NOW with his son, and we are over a month later going.  I had no clue that it would be such a long time for our dates, and into High season and all that, but God di so I HAVE to trust God to pull it all together!  $3000 is nothing for God! I just know that come June 4th, scared to death or not I will drive 3 hours to get on a plane and start a journey across the ocean to my baby boy! :)  Where is money coming for hotels, trains, cabs, visa, food, etc...  ??? I HAVE NO CLUE!  But my Father does! :)

made this today for my desktop wallpaper! :) 

This is the center picture in the collage wallpaper :)  I love this!!!

Jeremiah, my sweet angel boy.  We are having such fun getting ready for you :)  Mommy was on the phone today with Shriners about you, and daddy and I put your crib together today! :)  I can't wait till you are laying in your crib while I am cooking supper for you in the kitchen outside your room! :)  We have airline tickets on hold for you buddy today they were partially paid for but as with everything it seems in this journey it did not go smoothly and even after telling 2 separate people, they would not let him charge all the ticket price, so mommy will call credit card company and bank tomorow!  I can't wait to have the tickets in my hand!  It was so wonderful to look at an itenerary today with YOUR name on it :)  Hang on tight just a bit longer Jeremiah, we are coming... until we get there, catch my kisses in the wind!


lorabelle said...

Happy nesting! Looks like you guys are getting it all done in a timely fashion. I'm also noticing that Mr. Noah is falling to sleep on his own now? It seems he's entertaining himself a little better as well? That's a far cry from 6 months ago... Way to go Noah!!!

Mel said...

nesting - how fun!!! love the bedding theme :-)
you are getting so close. i remember the day when we talked and you mentioned you guys were interested in a child from SLC - HAI patiently have waited so long - JHS will be a special little blessing :-)

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love nesting!!!!! Didn't have time to really nest for Joanna, but love seeing your pics. Sweet boy. Praying for provision!!!!!!

Shirley H. said...

Cant wait to see Jeremiah sleeping in the crib~

Ruth said...

Such fun busy-ness! So happy for you. Enjoy every minute!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Enjoy your nesting, and praying for provision! God is good.

Terry said...

Nesting is so much fun! His crib looks snuggly and Celeste did a great job!
Will be praying for provision and keeping my fingers crossed too :-)

Robin said...

Crazy ow that nesting instinct takes over. The bedding is just adorable. You are so close now. Enjoy.

Annie said...

what an awesome and creative big sister! I really giggled at Noah falling asleep hanging over that chair- LOL! That crib is really pretty, can't wait to see that little guy in it. Praying for the last of your funds to come through.

The Family K. said...

The crib looks so comfy that I'm getting sleepy just looking at it. I think Jeremiah's first word will be, without a doubt, "Frog." I don't know if there ever was a little boy in the history of Taiwanese adoptions whose homecoming was cheered on more.

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