Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
Never forget, for a single minute you didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hi all :)

I had such an excaperating day to end and very difficult week. But I am praising God because the verse He gave me this morning I so needed today and it was nice to know it was special just for me today! We have Plane tickets paid for! 

This was quite hard to get. Took 4 travel agents jumping through hoops to finally get us on flights that connected to anywhere near where we live! We will have to drive 3 hours to the airport and then pay to park the van while gone at DFW BUT we have seats and we are GOING TO TAIWAN!  :) YES it was horribly more expensive than we could have ever imagined
but I just KNOW God has a plan! My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills so HE can handle this! :) And in the midst of the tickets being booked the travel agent accidentally hit a wrong button and overcharged by $1000 and my account went overdrawn and it has been a bear trying to get it all
fixed! THAT is a large portion of the difficult day. But on to praises!! The only way the flights work is for us to have a 12
hour layover at LAX on the way back. With Jeremiah's health as it is I did not think an airport for 12 hours after a long flight was a good thing for him so we knew we were gonna have to get a room. Soo, I went and started researching hotels and all and posted on facebook and got some opinions and all and then used Priceline to book a room knowing I needed to stay under
what we raised at this weeks Plate Sale, so I put in 3 and half star or better and I did the name your own price and I said $60, fully thinking they would come back higher but giving it a whirl! IT TOOK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So including tax it is $76 and some change! This weeks sale raised $80! One of the things using priceline did was make me TRUST because you do not
get to pick your hotel, you just put how many stars is minimum you want and give you the one they want. So it was really neat to me that we got the Crowne Plaza at LAX! 

It is a really nice hotel and I had looked at it earlier and liked the looks and the rooms were MUCH more expensive than 
what we paid on priceline! and for MORE PRAISES...The tickets took almost everything we had raised so far but there was a bit left. Knowing for complete positive our dates and all I decided to check the hotels and all again to make sure there were still rooms available! I started with the first hotel we will stay at in Jeremiah's Birth City! It is an amazing hotel and the hotel we brought Noah to the first night as well so we are familiar with it and have know from the get go how expensive it is. So I am looking on the site to make sure it is not booked for the 2 nights we need since so many days were booked when I looked before and GUESS WHAT I SEE??? A SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A PAID IN ADVANCE at booking special! SOOOO, I booked and PAID for the 2 nights we will be at that hotel for about 75 dollars a night LESS than what we paid per night TWO YEARS AGO when went for Noah and it was off
season then! GOD IS SO FLIPPIN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I am in shock that we have 3 nights hotel PAID and our TICKETS PAID! We still need to raise money for the other hotel, trains, cabs, airport pickup, food, Jeremiah's Visa, and emergencies!  PLEASE be praying as we have septic issues and some other things going on that we are trying to deal with as
well, and with us having to drive to dallas we have to have a few things done on the van to make sure it is good and all and just today the brakes started squeeking!   So a brake service at least is in order if not more AND big thing , the gas gage does NOT work! It is so frustrating, I am always scared we will run out of gas! but the thought of running out on the way to or from Dallas really freaks me out so pray miraculously it will start working again or we can figure out how to KNOW we are good on gas! LOL It is hard to even budget for gas because we have no clue
about gas mileage and all!

Please pray tomorrow we have a bake sale! It is suppose to be very bad weather but the store we are having it at has said we can still have it inside, which is amazing, but I worry it will hurt attendance if weather is bad, and also then we can't have folks with signs out by the road or anything if it is storming. Please pray it goes well, we at least get back the money I put into it and everyone stays safe during it! :)  Also pray for our craft booth at the festival on May 8th!  Pray we can get donations of items to sell! :)  

And as always please be praying for Jeremiah!  The reason for it all!  It kills me this is taking so long and I was so upset our date was so far behind those who got ruling around the time we did, BUT we are still short of money and so I know it is such a good thing it is a month later, but for Jeremiah's sake having to wait another month hurts my heart!  I am trying so hard NOT to be scared about money and about luggage and figuring out how to get it all to work and not have to pay to Check to much and on and on, and then I remember the verse God gave me this morning...

"Peace, I leave you with...Do NOT let your heart be troubled, DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!!!" John 14:27 HOLDING ONTO THIS PROMISE and TRYING to trust God and NOT be troubled or afraid. $2500 is nothing for God! Septic issues, luggage fees,etc.  are NOTHING for GOD! :)

Jeremiah my sweet frogie boy!  I love you more than words can say.  I miss you so much and the I think how do I miss someone I have never met.  Then I know in my heart I have met you.  You did not grow under my heart but over the past 13 plus months you have grown IN MY HEART!  YOU are a part of me and so to not be together I do miss you.  I ache to pick you up and hold you.  I shared one of your pictures with an old friend the other day and in the picture you are stretching your neck and look like you are looking for something.  My old friend said "He is looking for YOU!"  I pray in some way God has spoken it to your heart that you have a Mommy and a Daddy and a Jei Jei and a Gege waiting on you and working so hard to bring you home!  Your Gege Noah learned to say Didi for you this week!  That is now what he is calling you his little brother! :)  We talk alot about riding on the airplane to go and get you!  Noah is so excited!  I can't wait to see my two sons TOGETHER! :)  Your big sister is dreaming of the day she can dance with you and sing to you, just as mommy and daddy dream of rocking you and singing to you and just getting to know all there is to know about you!  Hang on tight little man, we are coming as soon as we can!  Until I get there, catch my kisses in the wind!


Jennifer said...

Good Luck! My mom's gas gauge hasn't worked in years, and because of the kind of car she has it's very expensive to fix, so this is what she does - Every time you fill up the tank, reset the 'trip odometer' and then you'll know how many miles you've driven since you last filled up, and can figure out how soon you'll need to gas up again. It may take some trial and error (and hopefully no running out of gas!) to figure out how many miles a tank lasts, but at least it's a bit of a help.

The Family K. said...

Sounds like God is definitely in the fine details. I'm so happy you got the discounts on the rooms. Great verse, too. The same God who orchestrated your hotel rooms and the 10,001 other details to bring you to this point does not change.

MO said...

I have never used Price Line and am glad to hear it worked out. To bad your layover isn't in Seattle I would have loved to meet you.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

PRAISING GOD for AMAZING things that are happening. Praying the rest of the money will come too. God is sooo faithful, and HE loves to see HIS children HOME. We will just keep storming the heavens!!!!

Room for More said...

Thank you for sharing God's amazing work through the details of these final steps. How encouraging and comforting for you all. We are praying here in TX!

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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