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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OT evaluation for Noah

Well, today was Noah's evalation for a private OT.  It did not go well.  He would not do a thing for her and she really did not give it much a try.  Bobby and I both were NOT happy with her! We both did NOT care for her and Noah took an imediate dislike for her.  sigh...  I am so sad.  there is another OT at the hospital and I am not sure about how to go about asking for a different OT if need be.  Part of me wants to TRY and see if perhaps it will work with her but Bobby does not think it will.  The other issue I had with her is she did NOT listen to me.  She was more focused on teaching him to sit in a chair and be prepared for school.  I said lady that is NOT why we are here, I could do that and he actually will sit and work on a project for LONG periods of time.  So that is really not an issue.  He would not do it today because she was a complete stranger and did not even try to make friends and ge tto know him.  She started out trying to make him do this and that thing.  It was awful.  She also kept talking about behavior mod this and behavior mod that.  He is NOT a bad child.  He has melt downs yes.  SOMETIMES they start from not getting what we want (but mainly not that.  sometimes there is no known trigger, sometimes it is wet on his clothes, sometimes it is being tooo tired, too hungry which we TRY not to let happen.  But she had this attitude that he was a bad kid and she also talked about not giving in to him.  UGGGGHH  I do not know how to get across to people that we NEVER  and I mean NEVER give in to a fit.  and it has made NO DIFFERENCE.  Usually he has a look of terror on his face when it happens and he is always very SAD after it is all complete.  He also has sensory issues about things touching him, his clothes etc.  I have sooo looked forward to OT starting because I thought we would finally have someone who was trained in the sensory issues and could help us.  Now I am upset and sad and worried.  I don tknow what to do.  I dont know if we can switch to the other lady, I dont know if I need to go to a whole other place for OT.  I just don't know. 

I did not get any pictures today because it went so bad.  Things I just knew he would want to do and enjoy he wanted NO PART OF.  afer it was all over he was in the room with me, Bobby Jeremiah and Jeremiah speech/oral therapist and playing and happy and this OT walked in and he SHUT DOWN and ran to me and buried face in my shirt.  He does not like her at all.  And her attitude worries me.  She said she would need us to leave so he would listen to her.  She has never laid eyes on him before today and he was nervous and she did not even try to warm up to him and he WIGS out to be left with folks he knows nad loves, so she didnt even listen to that.  I wonder what she would have tried had we not been in the room?  The funny thing is Noah loves several of the other therapist up there who are not his or J therapist and will run off with them to do something and leave me behind.  He is very comfortable at the place but for some reason was just not with her.  A personality maybe.  I don tknow.  I know I felt like she did not care enough to evaluate him appropriately.  We have been doing therapy all these years and I have watched therapist try to make friends with him and get him to be comfortable. 

anyway, please keep it all in prayer...Jeremiah had a great day of PT though we miss HIS PT who is out after having surgery.  We will be so happy when she is back in Oct.  The sub is sweet but we still miss  Miss Lisa :)

Here are a couple random pics to share :)


Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Tami, LISTEN TO NOAH, LISTEN TO YOURSELF, and LISTEN TO BOBBY. Don't doubt yourself. She's NOT right for Noah AT ALL. Don't give her another chance with him . . . Be a Mama Bear and find someone else. I would NEVER let a therapist kick me out of the room so "your child will listen to me" on the first visit, or even second or third or fourth. Esp. not if the child was obviously uncomfortable and scared of them. Children KNOW, and we need to listen and respect that. God will work something out . . . I don't know what yet, but He will.

Have you ever read a book on Sensory Integration issues? If you haven't and would like to, I will try to make sure you get access to a good book that was really helpful for me with my son's issues.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

No fun.....Praying!!! Trust your mommy gut- you are usually right :)

Expecting Good Things said...

So sorry to hear about the crappy OT lady. Kids can sense when someone doesn't care. Either that lady had an off day or she was just a crappy therapist. I would ask for another therapist. Noah deserves to be given a chance!

Tia said...

Doesn't sound as though this woman has an understanding of adoption issues apart from anything else. Trust your instincts and Noah's reactions and ask about switching OTs.

The Jones Clan said...

Listen to your gut and to Noah. you have every right to request someone else. It is your child and your money.

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