Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone; but, still miraculously, my own.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010


just thought I would share some random pics.  And ask for yall to PLEASE continue to storm Heaven about our unspoken prayer request.

We went to a Ladies Converence last night!  Jeremiah's first :)  lol  We went early to make sure we could get a seat close to back to get out if boys needed, a place for Jeremiah's chair and to just get to sit at all :)  so we had to entertain ourselves.

with big brothers "eyes" on

Noah and Jeremiah are looking more alike to me all the time :)  Noah and his fake smile crack me up

My beautiful baby girl!  very silly child!

We had the hardest time getting all 4 of us in a picture on the cellphone with us taking it :)

the ONLY way Noah will sit on potty, with his clothes on.  I like this picture he just looks so I dont know but I like it.

Noah loving on Bella!  Noah is all about TOUGH love.  Poor Bella.  I am constantly saying gentle, gentle, gentle

our 4 pups! :)  Bella doesnt want to stay with them most of the time now and they are just now 3 weeks old.  BUT she wigs if we mess with them, move them, or try to change the bedding.  She howled and howled till I put dirty bedding back in, I am like what on earth

Jeremiah has been very withdrawn lately.  Today he did make some noice singing along to the music and smiling and cooing a bit.

Jeremiah in therapy yesterday with the substitue who is there till our PT is back from surgery recouperation

Hope this is not TMI for yall.  Jeremiah's Mic-key button feeding tube had the balloon that keeps in in bust and come out.  I have been trained to put it back in and have done it before.  Well this time I like to never got it back in. I was petrefied he would need surgery again which I am avoiding surgery at all cost because do not want him on a vent again.  I took this to show the home health nurse I could not see the hole like normal and it was tighter.  It looks so bad.  I did FINALLY get it back in

Noah at the conference last night

another Jeremiah shot


Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Said prayers for you tonight . . . Give Jeremiah a kiss for me. . .

I hope you can find another Nuero. It seems to me that the one you have is deliberately giving you the grimmest scenario . . . As you say, Jeremiah does seem to at least sense some things . . . and that takes a brain--even if it's only part of a brain.

Tracy said...

Jack pulled his out with his foot while the bag was attached. Scared me to death but I got it back in easily. My GI told me that there is a procedure if it ever came out and I couldn't get it back in. They take a small tube and put it in the hole and slowly fill the tube up with air. It stretches the skin back out and no surgery!! Just an FYI.

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The FIRST Picture we EVER saw!
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