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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Packing and care packages :) heeheee

Ok, so I have no clue how folks that fly ever day do it! I am SOOO overwhelmed! I have NO CLUE what I am doing which does not help matters! And HOW on earth am I suppose to fit everything we need in 2 suitcases and 2 carryons and make sure that it doesnt weigh to much and UGGGH BUT at the same time I am TOTALLY THRILLED that we are at this point and I am having to do all this! I worry I wont be able to figure it all out or have everything we need but I am TRYING to lay down worry. I am trying not to worry about security at airport and if we mess up and dont do something righ they will be mad and make it yucky and all but again I am so excited to have to be concerned about all this! In addition to all this going on I had a nice break earlier! The UPS man came and delivered a care package from Lora! :) It included many nice for Noah and also a $50 prepaid mastercard to help with our trip! Below are pictures of the things from Lora and some packing pictures and all. I had Celeste do the pics for me so each thing in the care package is alone and the packing shows my messy house in background so try not to look at that! Seems the closer we get to going (day after tomorow by the way!!!!! :) the messier the house gets though I keep saying it has to be clean and cleaning but seems to not be working! ughh Oh well Celeste will be here while we are gone and may be givin the chore to get it back in order if it is not compleltely ready by takeoff time! Pray I can get my act together and get everything packed and get to library to some wireless so I can downlaod Yahoo to the laptop so we can message with the webcam from taiwan. I am gonna look into skype I hear about too I guess. not sure how that would work as we have no webcam at home or mic at home. On yahoo they can see us which is what matters :) them seeing NOah! :)

Well, better scoot :)

Pics follow

Noah honey, we are getting ready to come and get you as sono as we can Panda Boy!! :)
Big big hugs
and catch my kisses in the wind!


Collin and Amanda said...

This is so exciting! What a nice care package you got too!


schoolmother said...

It is just too exciting to see you just days away from meeting your son. I am just squealing with joy on the inside. God has just brought you through SO many things, step by step, and now you are on the threshhold of His answer. Yay!!!!

lorabelle said...

Okay, so I'm laughing hard right now that you took pictures and posted what I sent ya! You are so sweet and so funny... Hey, what's that Caucasian baby doll doin in your suitcase Tami? Just curious... Have a wonderful time finishing up with your packing.
Lora & Allie

Sarah k said...

Don't worry it will all be ok. You are going to do fine! The flight will be great! The service impeccable, The trip exciting, the sites new and wonderful, the honeymoon time sweet, the days adventurous and your meeting will be amazing!!!! Don't worry hon. You have prayers back home and you have Noah ahead of you! NOW finish packing and go get NOAH!

William's Family said...

Baby Mum Mums! Awesome! As far as I'm concerned, you can throw everything out of your suitcase so long as you have those packed.

Oh and BTW - don't forget to wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off because you'll need to remove them at the airport secruity checkpoint. Just one more thing to do when you're holding 10 gazillion carryons and a heavy child.

You look like you're all set to go. Enjoy the ride and remember that God goes with you.

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